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Sahab Tech | Senior Social Media Specialist

Social Media Marketing Job 

Sahab Tech is looking for a prominent Senior Social Media Specialist with distinct and different thinking

Minimum Requirement And Skills 

  • He must have a bachelor's degree in business administration or any other related discipline
  • He must have experience of no less than two years in the field
  • He has constant knowledge of the design field and has previously dealt with designers and content writers
  • have the ability to supervise and exchange ideas with the teamwork
  • The ability to use small details and draw conclusions
  • To be able to deal with software tools and technical programs

Task and Jobs Description  

  1. Developing marketing strategies on communication platforms.

  2. Supervising with the creativity and design team to produce an integrated marketing idea.

  3. Managing projects and supervising the implementation of strategies on social media channels.

  4. Review and edit the contents of social and digital media platforms.

  5. Content development in line with brand promotion.

  6. Monitoring performance and preparing a detailed report on the progress of work.

  7. Supervising the performance of work teams.

Those wishing to be eligible should send their CV to the following email, with the address of the Senior Social Media Specialist

How to Apply  

just send your CV in the email below 
write in SubjectSenior Social Media Specialist 




About Sahab company

It is a company specialized in e-marketing services through social networking sites by managing and marketing your own project products
A group of professionals and marketing professionals develops plans and strategies that help you target and track audiences and achieve the largest sales and profits possible.