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The supervisor must ensure that all airport services are provided in a perfect, timely, efficient, professional manner and at the best level according to the factors determined by the company while maintaining the appropriate policies, standards, and commercial procedures necessary to maintain safety and security.

Coordination Supervision of internal and external agencies such as handling agents, service providers, other airlines, and various bodies. It must be ensured that all relevant process areas are fully covered.



Analyze operational problems and develop appropriate strategies to solve sudden problems and set the necessary precautions for all expected events such as excessive reservations, weather conditions, delays in take-off and landing, flight cancellations, and time restrictions for all crew flights to and from, and take remedial and proactive measures in line with relevant measures to reduce disconnection from customers.

Requierd Skills 

Ensure that the handling agent, caterer and other service providers are fully informed about Emirates Airlines? Today's requirements? Operations (including any special processing) which this information is updated as necessary to ensure a smooth and cost-effective operation and in which any inconvenience to our customers is minimized.

Ensure that all post-trip activities are completed correctly to protect company revenue and facilitate consumer handling and loading at road stations and destinations.

Respond to inquiries, complaints, and claims in an efficient and timely manner in order to revive passengers' confidence.

Carrying out various administrative functions and other duties as directed from time to time by the Airport Services Manager or Airport Services Officer.

Process all baggage claims and control expenses on replacing damaged baggage and lost baggage claims in accordance with established procedures and in a very timely manner. 


Support and umbrella the Emirates Airline Ticketing Office, as and when required, and undertake ticketing/booking tasks to ensure smooth customer service.

Support, train and develop airport service agents and other concerned personnel to ensure that they are fully informed/extracted from operational requirements and that they provide the required levels of customer service.

Assist the ASM in conducting employee performance reviews in line with performance issues (i.e. setting employees' goals? S and development plan) and support the project management process by ensuring that comments are provided to PM reviews of employees on stipulated deadlines. - Validate Mastercard and take

E-travel documents Seriously

When required, support functions within the Emirates lounge. Liaise with service providers and supervise contracted personnel, oversee catering, cleaning, and maintenance operations and ensure service standards are met and maintained.