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Those of you who are already in college and have received loans, grants or financial aid before probably already know what you should do. Or do you? Programs Edit this text change from year to year and new ones appear periodically . So it may be time to review your options ; it could mean more dollars in your pocket. If you are applying for a loan, financial aid, or scholarship, and you are overwhelmed by the huge amount of information out there , here are a few tidbits that probably will help you start .

Most higher learning institutions have an office on campus, and on line, set up especially to help you through the obstacle course you are about to enter as you prepare yourself for the next phase of your life . Most schools keep totally up to date as far as existing programs of every kind , as well as any new ones on the horizon. So, this is of course the most logical place to begin. However, don’t solely depend on help from others. There are so many scholarships, grants and financial aid packages out there, that it is even hard for counselors to keep up with them all. Also, you most definitely need to go on line and fill out the FAFSA forms (Free Application for Student Aid). In fact some people feel that it is better if you go there first. After going over all the forms, instruction and helpful information, you will be more knowledgeable and better prepared to talk to the school officials. Also, you may even be able to acquire a large portion of your student totally on line. Many of the programs are more or less fill in the blanks, answer the questions, and find out if you qualify. It would be a good idea not to wait until the last minute to do this. There are many students applying for applications and some of them my be limited to a certain number. Also, there are deadlines that you must adhere to. Once the cutoff date has past, it is too late to apply. You will find when you start the process of applying, that there are very many, very different programs out there. You might go for a scholastic scholarship if you have studied and kept your grades up, or if you are an outstanding athlete in a large high school, you probably won’t even have to look very far, they will be knocking at your door. There are lots of other grants and scholarships available if you have excelled in things like band or one of the arts. Of course everyone can’t be an “A” student or an above average athlete, and that is okay, there are plenty of other things out there for just the average person. According to your parent’s income, there could be some financial aid in the form of free loans or at least very low percentage loans. They may come from the government or from private sources. Most of them, of course, have to be paid back once you graduate and start to work. There a lot of grants available that you could never even apply for them all. You could fill out forms for days and then someone would advise you of another one. What this whole article is saying is there IS a scholarship, grant or loan out there waiting for you. You just have to go get it. Hit the web and visit your school counselors; it is time to get with the program.