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 One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to people opting to research internet marketing is "what is it, and what does it involve?" Internet marketing is, by definition, the marketing of a product or service over the internet. This can involve you having your own product which is available online through a website or you can drive people to a global business website offering products, training etc in which you receive commission for your sales. Both situations require the same thing to make them successful; visits to your website, and to drive this traffic to your site you need; a marketing strategy.


Internet marketing involves you advertising (paid and free) your products and services, to get people to your website. In my view when first starting out you need to use free advertising to its full capacity before embarking on a paid advertising campaign. Free advertising includes writing articles relating to the product or service you are offering. THIS SHOULD NOT BE A SALES PITCH but a genuine, quality content based article that actually provides people with information and helpful tips. Article writing can be done by a professional (which costs money) or by yourself (which is free) so you decide which one is appropriate for you. Bearing in mind that the more articles you write the easier it becomes, so give it a go and believe in yourself.

Article marketing is a type of advertising where businesses write articles relating to the product or service they are offering and is then published and distributed to the marketplace. Each article you write has a bio box which contains the website you are driving traffic to and maybe different social networking sites, where you can direct people to see more of your articles etc. Well written quality content articles released for free distribution have a huge amount of potential in attracting new customers and developing the author's business credibility.

The key elements to article writing are;

1 - Select your target audience

This is the first step in writing effective articles Choose to target someone like you or branch out and target a completely different type of audience.

2 - Select your topic

When choosing article topics it can be a good start to sit down and write about some of the concerns you had when first starting your business. This can be a good way to start writing articles because these concerns are fresh in your mind and you can speak about them from a knowledgeable view point. Some topics for example could be; "How To Choose The Right Business For You".

3 - Keywords

Keywords are the words that are submitted into search engines to find information on that specific subject. It is of huge importance to have keywords written into your article so that your article will achieve maximum readership. Keywords are short tailed and long tailed. A short tailed keyword could be; online business, where a long tailed keyword could be; a fantastic home based online business opportunity. Both types are needed in your articles.

4 - Decide an angle for your article

Articles come in all shapes and forms. They can be how to articles, review articles, problem then solution articles, personal experience articles or comparison articles.

5 - Write your article

Start your article with a catchy title. This is of the utmost importance as this is what will drawer the reader in to your article. The next step is to write an opening paragraph. 3-4 sentences are plenty. Make sure you tell the reader what you are about to tell them in the body of the article. The body of the article can be any length you wish and should contain all of your quality content. Follow this with a closing paragraph that summarizes your key points in your article. 3-4 sentences again are what you should be aiming for.

All of this information should hold you in good stead when it comes to starting out in internet marketing through writing articles. Look out for my series of articles and videos on all the topics relating to internet marketing. I hope that through my personal experience I can offer you advice that you find useful in which ever business opportunity you decide to embark on.