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How to Make Your Career Promo Brand

Your Career Promo Brand

There is the old saying ‘if you want something doing, do it yourself’ If you are the quiet hardworking type, that seems to go unnoticed, it might not do your career any harm to GET yourself noticed.

Whilst I’m not talking crazy stunts or bizarre behavior in the office, here are small and effective ways you can build your own profile within your organisation, and as a job seeker, hopefully, out of it too.

This kind of visibility is important when looking for that new career move. Wouldn’t it be great if your reputation preceded you? And in a positive way! Head hunters and recruiters all agree that you have to make it happen for yourself. It’s great if you are the notable star of your office, with good things constantly being said about you. Many bosses are not so publicly effusive about their staff, however, and whilst they may appreciate your hard work, it might be down to you to shout it from the rooftops. It doesn’t have to be so brazen either, no one likes a show off, it is as simple as subtly letting your colleagues, contacts and acquaintances know how good you are at what you do.

Out and About: 

You must make sure you get out of the office. Attending industry seminars, conferences and workshops is a great way to promote yourself to others. The inevitable questions are bound to be raised by your peers who will want to know what exactly you do for your company and what current and future plans are. You will learn to choose which away days to attend over others, for their professional ‘use’ networking with others at the same level is great, but you might want to surround yourself with higher graded decision makers, like people who occupy director jobs seats, at some point also. Use the time wisely and showcase your sparkling personality, skills and helpfulness to others. Give the impression you are the sort they would be lucky to have around.

The Write Stuff : -

Let it be known that you are an ‘authority’ in your career field. Journalists and writers are in constant need of articulate ‘soundbites’ from industry insiders. If you are reliable, and play to deadlines, they will keep coming back to you. Nothing says ‘reliable source’ than your name across publications and papers. People will remember, and be drawn to this. It’s like an endorsement from the press, if you like, that your opinion counts.

You may also consider contributing to your Trade magazine or company newsletter. Offer a column or an opinion piece on a relevant subject. Make sure you have something valuable and relevant to say. Editors are always looking for ways to ease their own load! It’s all about getting your name out there!

Say it Loud : -

If you are confident enough, make sure you volunteer your industry knowledge and give talks anywhere there are people to listen -- in your community, at your college or in a professional capacity at work or in conferences and seminars. Have something novel to say, as well as being authoritative-- you can't tell who might be around to quote you.

Scared? Don’t be : - 

If being so public really isn’t your thing, you may want to assess your career motives and ambitions. Certain industries and roles have a higher level of visibility than others. If you really are not comfortable with the kind of self promotion mentioned above, you might want to take a look with what you are comfortable with and take it from there. Being at the top of the career ladder is in no small part to the art of self promotion. If you prefer a quieter life, you can always just concentrate on proving what a reliable and conscientious employee you are, traits a potential boss will always be grateful for.