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How to Get A Pharmacy Technician Course

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The US unemployment rate is at an all time high, hanging around at almost ten percent. But despite that, there are still many fields that are growing at a substantial rate and need workers to support their expansion. The health care industry, according to US Department of Labor statistics is one of the fastest growing fields and is projected to increase substantially over the next several years. Though there are many positions within the medical industry that clerical or technical workers can take advantage of, undergoing Pharmacy Technician Course is one of the fastest ways to get certified as a professional in the health care industry. Facilitating a career change by gaining the education for pharmacy technician may just be your ticket to a more fulfilling future within the health care industry.


Pharmacy Technician Course Careers

Pharmacy Technician Course can help you land a new job with a high paying pharmacy tech salary just about anywhere. Large chain drug store pharmacies are constantly hiring pharmacy technicians as they grow and are located in just about every zip code. Private pharmacies or pharmacies in hospitals and clinics are usually a good avenue if you’re interested in working daytime and weekday hours. Pharmacy Technician Course can help you move into an exciting health care career no matter what your schedule is and usually offers decent entry-level wages for those that are newly certified or just coming off vocational training. Plenty of clerical and management opportunities can present themselves once you land your first job as a pharmacy tech, so there is definitely opportunity for advancement for the right individuals.

Pharmacy Technician Course

Pharmacy Technician Course is available in a 2 or 4 year degree for those pursuing a college degree in Health Information Technology, but this degree encompasses a wide variety of health related skills. Specialized Pharmacy Technician Course can be completed in well under a year and many programs are under 6 months, even with an externship or career placement services. Pharmacy Technician Course includes a curriculum of medical terminology and general knowledge related to hospitals and clinics. Drug interactions and common allergies are introduced as well as math and technical skills associated with performing the main duties of the job. Pill markers such as branding and dosage imprints are taught in addition to instruction on operating standard pharmacy machinery used to count and dispense medications.

Pharmacy Technician Course Online

While there are many vocational schools that actually have students in a classroom environment, there are many programs for Pharmacy Technician Course available online. Oftentimes, online vocational training contains the same curriculum as classroom training and there are even hybrid programs that combine class work and online modules to allow a more flexible schedule for students while they still acquire hands on training. Pharmacy Technician Course is followed by certifications and tests associated with the state that are necessary for becoming licensed as a pharmacy technician, so be sure your program is accredited to ensure you’ll get the prep you need to pass your certifications and become licensed upon graduation.