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BAT-Trade Marketing Representative

Marketing Representative job opportunities 




 Marketing and Sales 


 1 Year Renewable Contract 

 Closing Date

 20 Mar 2021 

Job description Duties and responsibilities:

  • Trade Management – Trade Investments , making contracts for display material investments at defined sales points within the limits of the investment budget defined by the Company, report your SUPERVISOR with investments  through the monitoring of contract terms.
  • contact the POS in line with the plan, ensuring of product visibility, practicing FIFO-first in first out, mange the seamless flow of information to sales representative or chief when necessary
  • Product Quality Support - Receive feedback and reports on the quality of products consumed by cigarette consumers
  • Offer Point of Sale services in accordance with the POSITIVE program in order to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the cycle (monthly business activities).
  • Implement excellence in all monthly business activities to effectively build brands, achieve corporate size and share goals.
  • Develop awareness at the point of sale through effective communication of illegal trade and amendment of regulations and product specifications
  • Effective implementation of portfolio strategy through the principles of RCM (Retail Classification Methodology) and Distribution, ensuring that permanent and semi-permanent asset pricing and installments and supply requirements are properly done. Promote retailers and point of sale through effective practice of RDF business activities (Retailer Behavior Model).
  • Lead by setting himself and others as individual role models for raising standards and achieving resilient results.
  • Work in line with improvement plans aimed at improving individuals' performance for current and future roles.
  • To be responsible for his personal development as well as improving his technical skills as required by organizational needs.
  • Plan monthly visits based on the visiting activities and objectives set in consideration for geographical productivity, service priority, and business impact of the sales point.
  • Ensure permanent and semi-permanent supply materials are in place to support sales and trade activities.
  • Ensure that FCP (Fixed Coverage Plan) is properly implemented.
  • Conduct documentation and report management.
  • Report on the company's business activities and competitors obtained in this area to ensure that the company can respond to trends and opportunities.
  • Maintaining and updating a dynamic database (opening and closing points of sale) as well as all other POS information and classifications.
  • Ensure that inventory and financial accountability for perpetual supply are calibrated regularly.
  • Ensure fruitful coordination with the sales representative and supervisor in order to ensure that POS service experiences meet company standards.
  • Receive feedback and complaints from adult cigarette consumers about the quality of the products they consume.
  • Complete the registration of matters related to the quality system.
  • Report information on quality related feedback to Supervisor and relevant BAT units.
  • Executing and monitoring procedures based on the qualitative feedback received from consumers at points of sale.
  • Establish strong relationships with sales representatives in the same sales area.
  • Establish win-win business relationships with business stakeholders by addressing problems in a timely manner, ensuring smooth communication and providing assistance when needed.

Minimum Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s  university degree.
  • Valid driver's license.
  • Fundamental supply chain and distribution perspective.
  • Basic level for Trade Marketing principles.
  • Preferably English language skills .
  • Good knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Skills and Experience Required:

  • 1 or 3 years of experience in FMCG industry in charge of visiting rates, visiting frequency and route schedule as well as performing region/route management, defining visiting cycles and performing activities Advanced skills on MS office are recommended.
  • Turning ideas into action – Ability to work independently and motivate himself.
  • Self-disciplined.
  • Team-work.
  • Efficient communication skills.
  • Eligibility for company representation rules.
  • Able to cooperate and solve problems.
  • Flexibility, adaptation and reconciliation skills.
  • Business mind.