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249Startups job: Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

What is a digital marketing manager? What skills do they need to compete in the job market? Simply, he is the person responsible for all of the company's internet marketing efforts.They need to know how to work with social platforms, how search engines work, and methods of getting and tracking customers

Read also the most important skills that a digital marketing manager should have.

Digital Marketing Manager

Strategic thinking skills 

Participants in digital marketing should always be one step ahead. Strategic thinking is all about understanding how others think and setting appropriate expectations as customers think. Without knowing how people think you can never hope to understand why they would or should not buy your product or service. Without it, you may throw your money away. In fact, without strategic thinking, you'll likely miss out on major business opportunities.


Social media marketing

Of the most important experiences that should be owned by the digital marketing manager is to understand the different social networks and how they work. They need to understand the place where customers spend their time because it is pointless to waste your attention on other networks as soon as access to the network of choice, can marketers make decisions on the brand and the tone and scheduling. As always, successful campaigns are all about maintaining consistency.

Emile marketing

This form of communication is all about niche targeting, bounce rates, open and conversion rates. It is a powerful marketing tool that is often underestimated but has enormous power. Other potential customers are more likely to purchase e-mail subscribers. Since they are on your list, they really care what you have to say. This means that they are either already customers, and have the potential to buy again, or they are very close to being customers. Your emails can help achieve this.

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